Alternative investments

What are alternative investments?

Those financial assets that by their nature, do not fit within the traditional investment categories and that, in this way, try to exploit the inefficiencies of these markets.

Vehicles involved in non-traditional assets

Strategies that invest in traditional assets using non-traditional methods

Socimis and real estate assets

Investment in premium real estate assets through private capital and financing management through banking entities.

Unlisted and alternative investment vehicles

Vehicles that invest in financial assets that, because of their nature, do not fit into the category of traditional investments and try to take advantage of the inefficiencies of these markets.

Venture Capital / Startups and Proptech

Investment and financing of emerging and incipient companies by raising capital from private partners and bank management.

Structures to optimize public investment

Financing of projects in strategic sectors: audiovisual production, performing and musical arts, development of R+D projects and shipbuilding

And how can we help you?

Identification and analysis of Investment/disinvestment Opportunities.

Obtaining Financing.

Review and negotiation of purchase and financing agreements.

Legal-fiscal structuring.

Commercial, technical and legal-fiscal Due Diligence. Impact analysis in sales.

Vehicles in collaboration with us